The Kunstkammer

The Kunstkammer Historically, Kunstkammers were magical places. A precursor to the museum, they originated in the castles and manors of European nobility in the sixteenth century. They held collections of various, dissimilar objects that demonstrated the owner’s curiosity about the world. The rooms were places for contemplation, but they were also often the site of […]

Say Something

This essay originally appeared in Kolaj #24. A quarterly, printed magazine about contemporary collage, our goal with every issue is that Kolaj Magazine is essential reading for anyone interested in the role of contemporary collage in art, culture, and society. Visit the website to subscribe or get a copy. I challenge you, find your voice, find the […]

My Pet Rock Has A Red Triangle Heart

Where My Pet Rock Came From Late stage capitalism sucks. We live in a time of unprecedented resources and technology. Yet, no one seems happy. People seemed overly concerned someone else is trying to get one over on them. Folks are obsessed with money and how to pay for things. The smallest illness can put […]

Portraits on Arrival

“Portraits on the Arrival” is an incomplete series of photographic portraits in which I intercede to portray a moment of expanded consciousness. I imagine the men portrayed here on the verge of a new way of thinking and, to commemorate the moment, have their picture taken. The swirl of color conveys the ecstatic joy that […]

Lucky Beads

Street people and artists are two archetypes that society imbues with magic, probably because, like The Bead Lady, street people and artists use mystique as a defense against “petty meanness”….Both are living outside of societal norms. Both struggle to eke out a living. Artwork is often sold like a “lucky bead”, with promises of return […]

Their Charm Awaken

Sara Willadsen invited me to write the forward to the catalog that accompanies her exhibition, “Boundaries:New Work by Sara Willadsen” at Frank Juarez Gallery, September 8 – October 20, 2018. The catalog can be purchased HERE. Their Charm Awaken “…they make the form more exactly, definitely, and completely intuitible, and besides their charm awaken and […]

Kolaj Magazine

Print Magazine and Community Organizing Project 2011 to present | Kolaj Magazine is an internationally-oriented, printed, quarterly magazine about contemporary collage. We are interested in how collage is made, how collage is exhibited, and how collage is collected. We are interested in the role collage plays in contemporary visual culture. We provide quality exposure […]

What Will Be of Us

“What Will Be of Us” is a continuation of the series, “I Keep Myself Together”, in which Kadour pairs photographs with texts to evoke a response in the viewer. “I am interested in the isolation of contemporary life and the sometimes intense personal drama that plays out without anyone really knowing. When I watch people, […]