Not Ideas About the Thing, But the Thing Itself and Pictures of It.

Conceptual installation by Ric Kasini Kadour


Not Ideas About… trades on the Wallace Stevens’ poem of a similar title and plays with ideas about art, objects, and images. I present to the viewer ceramic cups wrapped in a newspaper alongside a framed print that shows three views of the object. In doing this, I wish to ask the viewer to consider what the art is. Is it the photography of the package? Is it the package as sculptural object? Is it the wrapped, unseen ceramic cups? Or is it the idea of setting these two things beside one another in a gallery? Stevens often played with notions of fiction versus reality, the mind’s perception or the truth of the matter. My hope is that this work will encourage the viewer to find their own “new knowledge of reality.”


Object: 10″x4″x4″; newspaper and ceramic, 2015

Photograph: framed, 12″ x 15″; photograph, 2015


Gift exhibition at Moon Gallery
February 12 – March 9, 2018
Berry College, Mt. Berry, GA
Juror: Jordan Amirkhani


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