© 2010 Ric Kasini Kadour

Artist Statement-Boring Series

“Boring” represents a new stage of my evolution from painter to photographer to artist who works to put images on paper. For those interested in artistic development and technique, I offer these four observations:

I continue to be influenced by photographers Michael Meads and Nan Goldin. Where my earlier work, such as “M Series” (2003), combined social documentary and creative portraiture to explore an individual persona, “Boring” is broader and attempts to explore interpersonal dynamics and scene.

“Boring” also represents a development of technique. The photographs in “Speed of Light” (2005) employ the visual strategies of abstract painting to manifest images of light and color where the kinetic interplay offers the viewer a sense of emotionality. “Boring” represents an application of those strategies to work with a definitive subject and narrative.

“Boring” is the most personal work I have produced to date. While it is not the first time I have turned the camera on my private life-I often take photographs of friends, lovers, and partners in various states of partying and play-it is the first time I have considered such work strong enough to have meaning to those not immediately attached to it. As such, a personal statement is included.

By nature, I am not a collaborator. While I value critical feedback of others, I prefer working alone, controlling a project, and ultimately being responsible for its successes and failures. But without intending to do so on their part, this work is significantly informed by the art and aesthetic of Danny Buchanan, whose nonlinear narrative collage paintings appear in some of the photographs, and Pet Shop Boys, whose lyrics provided me a vernacular with which to tell a story.

I am grateful that Danny permitted me to reference his art in this work and that Neil and Chris from Pet Shop Boys graciously allowed me to reference their lyrics.