© 2010 Ric Kasini Kadour

Personal Statement-Boring Series

boring: 14.09.05-16.09.05

you have to meet danny to understand him. he is full of contradictions: part art mafiosi, part redneck; a butch fashionista; and, perhaps, the most sensitive guy’s guy I’ve ever met. he has an incredible sense of the aesthetic, a yearning for beautiful things, an unbending view of the world, a rich passion and spirit.

danny had a few days off. i was looking for something. he invited me to toronto for a few days to hang out. on my second night, we went to the drake hotel for a concert and art/film party. afterwards, we made our way to boystown and met up with adam and brent. the bars close early in toronto. the four of us ended up at danny’s where we were joined by two women who talked a lot but didn’t stay long.

i snapped pictures while we drank beer and smoked and listened to adam’s stories of cum-stained blue cardigans and getting gay bashed with a napkin. danny hovered around getting up every few minutes to dj. with the women gone, the boys got into me taking pictures. danny pulled out a bunch of clothes. adam took off his pants and put on this flannel grey coat. brent found a muscle shirt he liked and put that on, then he and danny argued who looked better in it. the rest is in the pictures.

on the drive back to montreal, i felt like i had spent a few days in a pet shop boys song: cabbing around the city making the scenes, having short sharp cell phone calls to coordinate the effort, seeing and being seen, friends arguing with friends, small talk, getting sized up, making contact, and a complicated set of love-lust emotions for danny. it seemed right to title the photographs with quotes from their lyrics.