Deals for the New Century

STATEMENT We experience so much artwork online; we forget that what we’re seeing is actually little boxes. I think we tend to confuse these little boxes of information for the actual artwork they represent. Deals for the New Century is the second piece in a series of work that plays with that idea. My goal [...]

Everything That Is Wrong With You & How to Fix It

The book begins “You are a piece of shit and nobody likes you.” Ric Kasini Kadour’s Everything That Is Wrong With You and How to Fix It takes as a point of departure Austrian playwright Peter Handke’s 1966 anti-play Publikumsbeschimpfung during which actors cast insults at the audience. The book is illustrated with Kadour’s photographs [...]

Authentic Contemporary Art

Authentic Contemporary Art is a satirical installation and performance piece that is intended to cause reflection upon how contemporary art is marketed, reported, and discussed. The project is a response to art critics Sarah Thornton and Dave Hickey announcing that they weren’t going to write about the art world any more. In October 2012, a [...]

How To Price Your Art

How to Price Your Artwork: A History by Ric Kasini Kadour On April 28, 2005, I was asked to participate in a panel discussion in Burlington, Vermont about pricing artwork that was hosted by the South End Arts and Business Association. A few dozen people sat around the organization's offices on Flynn Avenue while each [...]

I Am Calling Today…

This book begins “I am calling today to ask, Are you happy with your credit card processing?" It asks, "Are you happy with your resilience, your capacity for evolution?" And then it offers you tulip bulbs. The story is set against Pantone's Top Colors of 2016 which includes such luminaries as Snorkel Blue, Green Flash, [...]

Art Is Food

Art Is Food, Feed the People. Art is Food, Eat Something. These have been the mantras of ARTSHOP since 2005. The phrase comes from a poem I wrote and read at an Art Town Meeting in Burlington, Vermont in February 2005. So many people asked me for a copy of the poem that the following [...]